Registration for Mid-Winter Workshop, January 24th - 26th, 2020

For questions regarding registration, contact Mickey Gillmor. For other Mid-Winter Workshop questions, contact Barbara Stark.

First Name (as you want it on the badge) 
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Phone number  


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Please identify special Box Lunch requirements (e.g., vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free):  

Fees: Fee options include all Friday through Sunday activities (including Saturday Voices and Viols and Sunday masses), all workbooks, and lunch on Saturday.
Basic Fee (includes all activities, lunch, and workbook): $150 $
   AEMA or ARS-Atlanta Members, subtract -$25 $
Late fee, for registration after Nov 30  ☑   +$20 $20
   - or -
Scholarship recipients [pre-approval by Barbara Stark required before registering] $25 $
   - or -
Workshop Committee Member $75 $
Fee option for participating only in Voices and Viols on Saturday late afternoon; no workbook, and no Saturday lunch. These activities are included in the above fees so do not check this if you check one of those. Note: Friday evening session is free of charge and all are welcome to attend, but music may not include vocal parts.
Voices&Viols $25 $
   AEMA or ARS-Atlanta Members, subtract -$15 $
Total due for the workshop $

If paying by check, please make your check payable to: Atlanta Early Music Alliance or AEMA.

... and mail it to: Mickey Gillmor (Registrar); 947 Blue Ridge Ave., Atlanta, GA 30306-4416.

Include name(s) of registrant(s) with the check.

To receive early registration discounts, check must be mailed and postmarked prior to the "Late Fee" November 30 date.

AEMA is also accepting payment by Paypal. You will be presented with the option to pay by Paypal after successfully registering. To cover the costs of Paypal fees, a surcharge equal to the Paypal fee will be added to your total when you use Paypal.

Class Selection

If your first choice for any class is a recorder (rec) option, you must indicate a second choice (so we can somewhat evenly distribute people). If your first choice is the viol-only or loud band class, you don’t need a second choice.

Click here to open the page with details on class offerings.

The following abbreviations are used to indicate the participant level for a class:
   LI = Lower Intermediate, I = Intermediate, UI = Upper Intermediate, A = Advanced


Friday evening, 7-9:30: Full group, favorites of the Atlanta Recorder Society [open to participants and friends, without fee]: 


Sat. morning, 9:30-10:45 Session 1: First choice: 

Session 1 Second choice:


Sat. morning, 11:15-12:30 Session 2: First choice: 

Session 2 Second choice:


Sat. afternoon, 1:30-2:45 Session 3: First choice: 

Session 3 Second choice:


Sat. afternoon, 3:00-4:15 Session 4: First choice: 

Session 4 Second choice:


Saturday early evening, 4:45 to 6:00 Session 5: 


Sunday morning, 9:30-noon: 

Is there anything else you would like to mention with your registration?