You have provided registration information for AEMA's Midwinter Workshop but did not complete payment by Paypal. If you entered a valid email address, your registration information has been emailed to you.

To pay by check, please send your check made out to AEMA to Mickey Gillmor (Registrar); 947 Blue Ridge Ave., Atlanta, GA 30306-4416.
Include name(s) of registrant(s).

To pay by Paypal (if you canceled out but now want to) you can go back to the Mid-Winter Workshop online registration page and enter just your last and first names and city exactly as you did when registering and press [Register] again.
Note that AEMA will charge an extra fee to cover Paypal fees.

At any time, entering your last name, first name, and street address and pressing [Register] on the registration page will let you know the status of your payment according to our database, tell you how much you owe, whether we have a payment recorded for you, and give you access to the Paypal button again, if you haven't paid.

For questions regarding registration, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..